Congratulations! The papers have been signed, the moving trucks are in the driveway, and the keys are in your hands. You have your new home but now what? There are several small loose ends to tie up before this home feels like it is yours.

First of all, make sure you forward all your mail to your new address. In order to do this you need to go to your post office and fill out paper work.After all, those bills won’t be being paid by your old house’s new tenants.

Next, call your cable, internet, and other utilities providers and let them know your moving date so they can transfer their services to your new home on the day that you move out.

Don’t forget you should deep clean your new home! Make sure you have all your cleaning products easily accessible and ready to go. You may also want to consider getting the house pest sprayed before moving in to eliminate the chance that ants or bees are living in or along side the house.

The way in which you pack the moving van can be important too. You want cleaning product and paper products easily accessible. Paper products are great for first day messes because they can be disposed of immediately after use. Paper plates and plastic forks will eliminate the need to do dishes on your first day home. Other things to access easily include toilet paper, batteries, flash lights, and pet or kids toys (to keep them entertained while you unpack).

As you unpack try to organize yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to arrange your house how you want it.

Finally, try to meet your new neighbors and make a lasting first impression!